Vegan Teen’s Advisors

I noticed pretty quickly into creating VeganTeen that some of the issues teens raised are beyond what I could completely answer as a teenager by myself. These are some of the awesome vegan professionals who’ve given me assistance when I needed help answering your questions. Note that all flaws, errors and omissions on VeganTeen are mine, however. As the founder and creator of VeganTeen, I am solely responsible for its content. —Anna, Founder, VT



Dan Sherwood, MD, has been following the published research on nutrition since 2003 and recommends whole food plant-based diets for the prevention and treatment of disease. He has practiced family medicine since 2000 and also serves as an assistant professor at a family medicine residency program. He and his family follow a whole food vegan diet for health, animal welfare and environmental reasons.



Kelly Olsen, MSW, graduated with a masters in social work in 1996 and has held a variety of professional positions during her career, including social policy analyst, outpatient mental health provider, grant writer, and manuscript editor for a professional journal. She became a vegetarian at age 12 after asking her hog farmer parents why their pet German Shepherd was treated with love while the pigs suffered and were sent to die. (Thirty-four years later, she’s still waiting for a good answer!) She has been vegan since 2010.



Gregory Potts, LCSW, has dedicated himself to social work since 2008, often serving some of the most vulnerable members of society. He has worked in a variety of professional roles, including as a psychotherapist. His past professional experience includes many years of professional journalism. He has been vegan since 2012.



Patricia Massari, RN, is a former Children’s Educational Therapist who then earned her Registered Nurse degree and currently works as a Psychiatric Nurse. She went vegetarian overnight 24 years ago after reading about the slaughter process in a book on a friend’s coffee table. Happily, she has been vegan since 2012 and, at the same time, became an vegan educator and activist.

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