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High School Plant-Based Creations Club

Katie Lynch-Dombroski is President of the Plant-Based Creations Club. She created this club at her high school in the Denver, Colorado metro area. When did you adopt a vegan lifestyle? What inspired you? I decided to be pescetarian when I ordered a vegetarian sub one...

Vegan Teen Activism = $cholarships: An Interview with Aaditi Tamhankar

Does a vegan teen activist scholarship exist? Yes! Just ask Aaditi Tamhankar, age 18, who is the sole recipient of the Vegetarian Resource Group's $10,000 scholarship for high school seniors this year. Aaditi will use her award towards attending the prestigious...

VeganTeen Takes Berlin

Visiting Our German Exchange Student Vegan Teen takes Berlin Summer 2017! How did I get so lucky? Agencies sometimes have difficulty placing vegan and vegetarian foreign exchange students, so our family volunteered to host one for the 2017-18 school year. Luckily, our...

Starting a High School Animal Rights Club

An Interview with Skyler, who formed and ran an animal rights group at her high school in Canada. What did you name your club? I called the club "Plant Powered." How did you start the club? I began the club by bringing the idea to a vegan teacher at my school, since I...

Easy Vegan Meals for Busy Teens

What do vegan teens eat? Here's some easy vegan meals for busy teens. Many think eating vegan must be very limited, super difficult or really expensive, but none of that's true. Here's some easy vegan meals for busy teens that show anyone how to get started on a vegan...

5 Crazy Questions People Ask Teen Vegans!

This post was written by Guest Blogger, Sabrina Zulman. Sabrina is 15 years old, vegan, lives in Australia and volunteers for Voiceless, the animal protection institute. It was first published at Franimals. So you’re a teen vegetarian or vegan? Chances are you get...

The Vegan Teen’s Guide to Summer Camps

Are you a vegan teen who's worried about what you could eat at summer camp? This vegan teen summer camp guide may surprise you! Vegan teens have two basic choices exist when it comes to summer camps: (1) See if you can obtain vegan food accommodations at a regular...

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